Salim Seafood (Kelong)

This kelong seafood restaurant is HALAL and is not as posh as the chinese seafood beside. This kelong is made of wooden platforms and is cosy. It also has a nice seaview scenery and if during the day, u can view the Sungei Buluh area in Singapore.All the food served is delicious yummiliciously GOOD! The only setback is that it is “ULU”/isolated. The only landmark, I can give is that it is near/in “BUKIT Indah” town. If u have GPS, u can download the map/coordinates from malsingmap.

If not, bring many makan kakis with own transport to join u in search of the restaurant, preferably try to get there before darkness falls, because it is DARK..eerie…dark if one is to be left alone stranded..yikes! BEST, if u have Malaysian friend who is “MAKAN GURU”….

Fried Beehoon (the bee hoon is like su-un or tang hoon).

Siakap fish cooked in thailand way. The fish is fresh and fried till crispy but tender inside and topped with mango vegetable salad. shiokly sedap!

Mixture of vegetables with slices of chicken and seafood. Taste like chop chye..nice!

Sotong cook in nyonya way (similar to sambal but mild spicyness)

This fried chicken is delicious and soft. Either it is kampung chicken or “runaway” chicken because definitely is not Singapore chicken that stay cooped..The dipping sauce that came with it taste like sweet thailand sauce.

Black pepper mussles. This black peppery taste is very unique. Very different from singaporean way maybe its freshly whole peppercorns and then made into powdery form or ..i dunno very authenticily delicious.

BBQ freshly caught crab (plain) is very yummy! Sweet and fresh! So sedap…Newton also “kalah” (lose)

Total cost about SGD $10-$15 per person.

p.s: This kelong has no room for praying but if u want to pray at the wooden platform in the open, they are willing to oblige to your request. There is a mosque nearby but we were “lost” and so

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6 thoughts on “Salim Seafood (Kelong)”

  1. The address, I'm not so sure but this is the same route as this restaurant below but Salim is much further in. No street lights at night ,just a caution.

    Damai Seafood Village
    Address: No. 50 Jalan Kassim Noor, Kg Dangga, 81200 Persiaran Perling, Johor Bahru.

    hope it helps!

  2. Driving on Persiaran Perling, from Damai Seafood Village junction (Jalan Kassim Nor), it's further up until 1.4KM, then take right junction and drive for another 750Meters. GPS location of this restaurant is at N1.46013 E103.70456

  3. Hi Anonymous, sorry, try to find for u the contact number but to no avail. Anyway, will continue finding for u but if other readers know the contact number, feel free to share with us.Thks!

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