One banana prata please…

located beside Joo chiat’s seven eleven stall bustop @ Geylang

Other than pratas, they sell briyanis, mee kuahs, mutton soup and lots more…This stall has been here since my teenage life..maybe earlier..

Mr Prata-man smile and say “cheeesssseee PRATA!”…

If u look at the above picture, then u realised why this has got to be one of my favourite banana prata. Not only it is large,it is also congested with banana and with raisins and syrup/honey…

This prate telur (egg prata) is also large but soft. I have not eaten one egg prata as big and filling as this. The price are about the normal egg prata rate.

What better way to wash it all down with>>shiok TEH TAREK…if u want bigger cup ,order “TEH TAREK GAJAH” (elephant sized hehe!)

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