Mr Prata (clementi)

When I ordered garlic prata, I expected some garlic to be seen in cubes or chunks..(but luckily not!), I guess they use the buttery garlic paste same as garlic bread inside the prata. Nice…

Powerful fish curry..

French prata (did the french really made this? hehe!)

After recent disappointment @ Mr Prata Evans rd, I was recommended by SHF (thks!) to try Mr Prata @ Clementi ave 4, block 320

Opening hours/days:7 days a week 6.30am-10.30pm

As I was intrigued by the SHF members having the same interest in GARLIC prata and naan, I decided to give it a try. Boy! i felt like eating garlic bread but in a prata. Very garlicky nice! First attempt at trying it! not bad. The outer layer is crispy and inside is soft.

Second is the French prata+ice-cream. Its filled with banana slices + covered in chocolate syrup and rice then top with ice-cream. Only $3.50! I like!!

this branch has better prata than the Evan’s branch. And the curry gravy is POWER! I bet the fish head curry must be POWERFUL!!

the teh tarek is nice too!

p.s: The curry comes together with the prata. I did not request for any special curry.

alamaks my mouth a bit stinky…heheh!

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