Mee rebus ,mee soto (old school) and good OLE kopi haven!

Update: 2008
This place has been replaced by Emerald Beef noodles (NO it’s not HALAL *sigh..where to find HALAL beef noodles the black thick gooey gravy (dry))

Updated: 15/5/08, this stall has been replaced by a non-HALAL chinese beef noodles stall previously from Emerald Orchard. so sadz..

I was fascinated by a customer who was slurping deliciously Mee rebus gravy and ice-kacang dessert at his side. He told us that this is the only malay stall in this hawker centre tended by 2 sisters/makciks. Closed 9pm. Also they have satay , tahu goreng and nasi lemak (have tasted the fried chicken wing, sedap)

This Mee rebus and Mee soto is sedap. Mee soto is a bit oily but delicious. The taste of these food is like granny’s cooking. They are old pros in the kitchen thus the taste is not like u can find anywhere. Old hands+great experience = delicious food.

VERDICT: Sure come back for second or maybe many helpings…but warning: u might feel sleepy after that possible intrusion of the “buah pala”/nutmeg in one of the ingredients.

One of the best hawker ice-coffee i ever tasted. cheap and good! also sold expresso an cappucino.Starbucks at coffeeshop price..

Anyway this hawker centre sure has some great coffee stalls. The food centre looks old thus creates a rustic back to the past ambience and as u sip slowly at the old cina coffee,let your hair down and relax, forget all worries.

The customers are very friendly. Once i talked to baba middle aged chinese man who spoke fluent malay to me. He was sipping hot tea and chit chatting away. Secondly, I met a singh customer who was eating the mee rebus (mentioned earlier),very friendly too. My son was eyeing his ice-kacang not knowing his mother is eyeing it too(Too bad, i was in a rush)…hehehe!

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