Malay stalls at PUB building

i like the sweet sambal tumis that comes together. The macaroni is nice.I realised this nasi padang stall makes nice sambal so perhaps the nasi padang dishes like sambal sotong will be nice? perhaps…

Nice sardine puff fillings but if skin is crispy, it will be SEDAP!

Bubur ayam. Ok, not bad not much chicken meat…

This ondeh2 is thick and has gula melaka filling but 2 ondeh2 out of 4 has hard gula melaka inside. If u bite, the teeth surely break. Perhaps the gula melaka did not melt as wanted. Best if the ondeh2 is made of sweet potato/kledek.

Kueh bakar.

Kueh boyan is nice. It’s like a big curry puff a bit bigger than ur palm and filled with lots of potatoes but non-spicy nor curry like. Eaten with powerful chilli surely KICK!

Stalls at PUB aka Singapore power/city gas.

VERDICT: Nice food stalls…will eat again if need to go to PUB.

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