IKEA tampines curry puff & surau

Went to Tampines IKEA recently just to refresh my “decorating creativity” in me. I like to go early morning because its quiet and now many people like u have the whole IKEA to yourself.

Anyway after a long relaxing “tour” around IKEA, at the cashier area there is a “snack corner” whereby customers can buy hotdogs, drinks and currypuffs. I saw a “makcik tudung” (auntie in headgear/head dress)at one of the snack counter. My mind was thinking “IKEA snack is HALAL?” And so we investigate further and ask the makcik lots of questions. The facts are…

ONLY the CURRY PUFF is Malay muslim made and so it is HALAL. The makcik is there to serve the curry puffs only. Other snacks like HOTDOGS are NOT HALAL. I repeat NOT HALAL!! Its’ kind of confusing, by placing the makcik there, many malays thought eh “HALAL”..so can wallop the hotdog also, because I saw many, many ..countless of hotdogs being served to malay community (let’s just hope that either they are not muslim, or they misintepret the “makcik” as a HALAL sign or they dont care…everything also can wallop! or perhaps they think it is a vegetarian hotdog…heheh! ) So whatever it is, REMEMBER :every muslims holds responsibility on their own body..

Anyway, if u was2/hesitant to buy because the same stall sell hotdogs (different compartment for hotdogs and currypuff which are far apart) and stuff then better dont buy…but I seek the makcik to serve me with her own hands the currypuff..and her assurance .and BOY was it DELICIOUS!

This curry puff is crispy yet fluffy pastry like skin is yummy plus the mashed up mild spicy potatoes and partial hardboiled egg. It is YUMMY!! Cost only $0.80.

Another plus point of this IKEA tampines is that there is an established small area of surau (males and females separated with ablution area inside) both aircon beside the IKEA restaurant (the end of the long alley towards toilet/baby care @ level 2, I think)

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