Geylang serai part ???

Tried this Geylang Briyani stall aka Hamid briyani. After i heard a lot about this briyani from internet and , I decided to give it a try. At only $3.50, the briyani plus dalca itself can eaten just like that. SO Yummy!! Best eaten with hands. The mutton is a bit small (I dont mind paying more for BIGGER chunks of meat!!) but tenderliciously nice. Overall good BRIYANI!!

The sambal fish is nice!!

Overall verdict: Very Nice..but still prefer the Circular branch dunno why possibly the ayam lemak there is POWERFUL and rich (MUST exercise after that!)

On the same day the MAKAN sutra showed the mona nasi padang, that day itself (last tuesday) I also went to makan at the same area but different stall. so when the show was on at 9pm, I did not drool that much because been there done that. Went to Sinar Pagi nasi padang (I love the circular branch one but costlylah) but when compare to Mona nasi , I prefer this stall one. Up to individual taste, possibly if some dishes taste nice in mona and some in Sinar so up to u..

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