Gemelli pizza and pasta

Location: Bedok Corner

As mentioned earlier, found a blog about this Gemelli stall thus I sniffed my way there… I do have my share of experiences working in Italian kind of shop when in youth thus I do know a little bit about eating pizza and pasta.(note: not cooking but EATING hehe!) anyway, the pasta was good! Not many HALAL stalls can pull off a good pasta. Anyway, I chose a unique dish with potato dumplings and asparagus, mushrooms and cheesy mushroom sauce

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The food is served 10-15mins after u ordered.Oven hot freshly made. Normal cheese and chilli flakes are served, chilli sauce and tabasco sauce , u can take from the stall urself.

i like the thin crispy crusty pizza. Since I’m so carnivorous, I chose the meaty options -carnivora (bacon,ham,chicken,sausage,pepperoni). Not bad! The pizza is small but 2 pieces is enough for me! I like how the pizza is filled with meat and lots of mozarella cheese (cheese taste different) Though it is nice, something is missing.(who knows, please tell me)

Gnocchi di palate $7

Overall verdict: I am impressed with the simple pasta. Wanted to order lasagne but want to burst already, furthermore if anyone tickle me, will surely BURST! hehe! Will come back for more pasta and perhaps, a different pizza flavour.

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  1. The exact address is Bedok food centre aka Bedok Corner

    But erm, I noticed that it was not on the HALAL directory for both online and hardcopy (MUIS) and anonymous has confirmed that its HALAL logo has been covered and no HALAL cert is being displayed.(thanks!)

    U can view other eateries that are not found in the HALAL Directory 2009

    For more up to date info, join us

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