Epok love from the heart

Been wanting to eat epok2 love at Geylang serai market, but often its too early and the shop is still closed..and so decided to try making one using my mama beef epok2 recipe…

Make only using half kilo of normal plain flour (tepung gandum) using margarine and some water. Kneading it for 15 minutes and leave it on its own for few hours.

Cut 5 skinless potatoes into small cubes. Later fry with minced meat about 500 grams plus some onions, little bit of curry powder and soup powder/kurma powder. Once the potatoes and meat are cooked, leave it to cool down.

Then make the skin with rolling pin to flatten the dough and fill them with the cooked potatoes and minced meat. Cover/wrapped the “cooled” fillings and “Kelim” the sides or u can use the fork to press at the sides to close the curry puff.

Only 1 raw heart shaped epok2 is made. The rest is typical epok shaped.

Heat the oil in the wok and fry the curry puff in low heat for few minutes till golden brown. Eat on its own or with garlic chilli sauce . SEDAp…trylah…thanx Mama!

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