Do u miss the 70/80s HDB flats?

Reminisces the past…Do u know, that such flats still exist in Singapore? Yes indeed..

Old flats with endless long corridors with many housings..Often everyone knows everyone, because u will have to pass by neighbours doors to get home and often, everyone’s doors are often. More warmth, friendly like kampung days…but also “news” travel fast…so unknowingly “kaypohs” are also common.

Old corridor with a “mini canal” to drain excess water…

Old electricity board

Metallic and glass louvred window panes

Old door bolt

Fluorescent lighting inside the flat (like corridors). I was told this kind of lighting use LESS electricity.Save $$$!!

Old stove area using LPG gas in plain cemented kitchen floor.

Toilet door

Old squatting pan toilet. This kind of toilet goes well with red chinese clogs.

Rubbish chute

Old HDB carpark sign

Eh, this is current johor flats, aren’t we lucky that our flats are repainted every few years??!

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