Clifford centre banquet

Clifford centre Banquet
Closing time-evening

Decided to go to chinatown to settle some unfinished business. After that decided to go to China square banquet but was shocked that it was closed. i dont hink it was for renovation because there is no indication that it will be opened again. there goes my LOR mee…or HALAL muah chee (which I have yet to taste)

but anyway, went thru throngs of office workers (lunch time) from chinatown to clifford centre banquet. On the way, met an old friend and a new acquaintance. Luckily, met them because I was going towards KTM railway instead of the clifford centre.(LOST actually! hehe!)The sweltering heat, the congestion of people make me want to get out ASAP.

So alhamdulillah, luckily we were going towards the same area, so went there together.

And while chitchatting, I found out that the new acquaintace is related to “Sheikh Najib nasi lemak stall “(one of my favourite!) And so, I interviewed her…and i found out that the famous “TEH TAREK” food kiosks ordered their kuehs from them. Another coincidence! What a small world…yeah what to expect, Singapore only one DOT…u are bound to meet people by chance and somehow everyone is interlink to one another…For all u know, i could be your neighbour, ur sister in law, ur auntie, ur classmate, schoolamte or even ur lecturer…heheh!

Oh, Sheikh najib stall will be interviewed by one of the channel 8,chinese makan show. Congrats to them! This will add many,many more numbers to their many2 customers…I’m also very happy for them!

So enough of my blabbering, i know u cannot wait to know what food I had for lunch, right? Well, here it is…
Soto ayam stall

This is SOTO porridge. My friend and the new acquaintance like this! IT is nice….It is porridge+SOTO gravy +shreds of chicken meat.Quite large bowl of servings with lots of chicken meat.

Hasty picture of the plain porridge so a bit too bright…

For teochew porridge fans, this is another branch which u can go to. U can also have it with plain rice. I chose kailan vegetables, very tasty.

The beginning of this blog, I tried this beef noodle at about 5-6pm. I thought it was going to closed soo that is why the soup was very diluted that day. SoI give it a second chance because this is the only HALAL beef noodle for now. The previous stalls at jurong pt and Parkway banquet has change their menu because not popular with malay muslim community. (Me, I grew up amongst chinese community. hehhe!)

So, this time, I chose mixed beef noodles , dry version whereby the soup is separated. But then the noodle is better than my last visit but still lack of the “UUMPH” , the gravy is not thick enough neither the chilli. End up, I took some chilli from the teochew porridge stall.

My eyes kept gazing at the 6 scents soup stall. They have many kinds of herbal soup like old cucumber soup, wintermelon soup, ginseng chicken soup, for youthful complexion soup and lots more. U can choose to have it with rice or soup only.

I tried the black chicken soup. $4.50 per small bowl. It consist of quarter mini chicken and lots of ginseng and herbs. It is nice. Not so medicinal or bitter. It’s mild sweet soup. I can drink the soup but the black chicken, I can eat but with eyes closed. I dunno why. I tried cooking the black chicken soup once upon a time but end up, I cannot swallow the black chicken flesh like “dirty” like that. Because of the colour ehhee! So end up, my hubby and bro wallop the whole pot. Very nutrious. It is said good for those who work night shifts.

Ice-kacang for dessert. The base consists of lots of jelly cubes, red beans, 2 attap chee ..that’s all.
Take a breather in the wonderful scenery…(Oh, fyi-there is an underground mosque in the vicinity)

p.s: there is thailand lunch buffet cost about $9.80 per person….Also there is fish soup, ban mian (i heard this is good), pasta express, ah mei cafe, nasi padang that sells banana fritters and kuehs, chicken rice that also sells hainanese chicken chop, dessert stalls..and lots more. This has got to be one of the many varieties stalls in a Banquet foodcourt.

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3 thoughts on “Clifford centre banquet”

  1. Hi! You spoke about Halal LOR MEE. I've tried the one at Banquet Simei Eastpoint and it's quite good. The Oyster omelette and fried oyster there is also good. There was an excellent Japanese Halal fare which has closed down. I can't seem to find where the stall holder moved to. So…if you can help me? Thanks a million! His grilled SABA (Mackerel) is superb! Mouth watering oledi lor….

  2. Anonymous-Thanks for sharing. Hmm, saba grilled fish, I think i saw that somewhere but unsure its the same stall. I think its at Tampines Century Square new HALAL food court ,level 3 or 4.But I could be wrong.

    Another Lor mee, is at Parkway Parade BANQUET. Prefer with more vinegar.

  3. Hi, you might also want to try the handmade noodles at the Halal Foodcourt at Century Square. Found it by chance last week when I went shopping there. Tried the Stewed Beef U-mian and the fried la-mian with mutton. Superb!

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