Changi chalet and its vicinity

NETHERAVON chalet. There is a bus stop right in front.

The chalet shown here is government chalets. (public can also book thru aloha resort) Civil servants can book them at discounted or subsidised rate. I’ve tried almost all chalets thruout my teen years till now. I love the ones at Pasir Ris facing the swimming pool (yeahlah putri berendam loves to berendam/soak) and downtown east and now defunct east coast chalet.

Large area for gathering and BBQ.

Is this building established since 1934??

There is one big TV provided, DVD player or XBOX or any games console -bring yourself. The 3 bedrooms are air-con but if u might need to pay extra if aircon is exceeded. The first level has queen/king size bed and 2 upstairs have 2 single beds. The rooms are nicely furnished and aircon as compared to previous 10 years ago.

There are 3 toilets. One toilet with shower and toilet together which is outside (as shown here) and the other is separated on 2nd floor.

Back door path leading to a “maid’s room” or store.

Chalets in changi are often associated with Japanese killings and horror stories. And some who organised bbq or chalets sleepover often has many creepy tales to share with others. Do u have any?

Some experiences that were felt by close ones/friends are:
white/black figures roaming about, kids playing and noisy chatters, goosebums thruout their stay, large red stains automatically appear on the walls at night, bed is wet at night, a person who resembles someone u know but the real person is faraway/at another place….dragging of furnitures and stuff..

This is a popular attraction for “ghoulish” trails conducted by some “fancy tour operators” (They even went to the isolated Punggol “white house” (YIKES!!). This old Changi hospital looks dilapidated and very isolated. Even in the bright afternoon, u can feel all the goosebums and the hair on ur neck rose as u move closer and closer to the hospital main gate.

RED ANTS alert!! The road in front of old Changi hospital is full of Kerengga aka GIANT Red ants. A friend went nearer to take some shots and got red ants all over (within seconds!)even though he is very careful. I took the shots from afar (ZOOM) and i caught 1 GIANT red ant on me and I try to “remove it” eventually I have to “kill” it but even though its legs are all smashed up, its still moving, creepy….very fiesty..

this is NONI tree. Found many herbal plants and medicinal trees which are good for helath. Normally found in kampungs but as Singapore is being modernised and more roads and buildings are built, some of them are “gone”..Lucky for me I got my herbal specialist aka orang lama with me so that I can recognise the trees in which we took for granted often.

This is NONI fruit which is aka MENGKUDU. It is known for its medicinal value. Many can be found in HAWAII. U can find NONI juice everywhere in pharmacies, Mustafa, and some Jamu stores. Quite costly but if u want real juice, just buy from Geylang or tekka market and “blend” it yourself. But WARNING!!! It’s smell is very “YUCKY” to some, very overpowering if kept in homes. I dont really like the smell…

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