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Sri Bistari Ayam penyet has many branches. One in geylang

Ayam penyet rice comes with bowl of soup and penyet(smashed) chicken with blistering sambal and 2 cucumber slices, 1 salad leaf, 1 lime and a plate of rice. This time I dont really like the fried chicken. A bit dry for my taste. Prefer the one in Lucky Plaza, the chicken is unique and nice.
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Bawal aka pomfret ikan penyet rice-nice, I like the fish and the hot sambal!

SINAR MURNI muslim food (beside the famous ayam penyet stall SRI BISTARI)

One of my senior makan kaki like this mee soto. The rempah/spices and the broth is just nice. Sedap! We request for extra TAUGEH (bean sprouts), they obliged willingly, and generously.

I think this must be one of my FAVOURITE tahu goreng. So crunchy and spicy tahu goreng. SO SHIOK!!

This stall not only sell delicious yummy soto and POWERFUL tahu goreng but they also sell yummilicious pisang goreng KEPOK (banana fritters) freshly made and hot from wok. And each and every pisang goreng is large and thick and SWEET! Opens from 12pm onwards till 8pm (might be earlier depends on the how fast the food finish)

This is my first time eating at this part of Changi food centre. Often I will eat at the famous nasi lemak area. But someone has “tapow” the nasi ayam penyet for me before and so this ismy first time eating the ayam penyet “LIVE” at the original stall.

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  1. i’ve been following your blog since ramadan…
    i think eh…u can open a food tourism business tau.

    do a thematic food tour for one weekend. pasti ada orang nak join!

    u just provide rented van…hit lots of food joints…with stops at the masjid to solat…do a nice itinerary…i think it could work u know


  2. what a great idea! Thank u for the confidence…will take note of that…hmm..”Welcome to PB foodtrail”..I like that…

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