AR & H chicken rice…

Location :Blk 2 Bt merah (beside ABC brickworks), near IKEA alexandra (10-15mins walk)

This stall used to be very famous for its chicken rice. AFter ages of not visiting (its located at Bt Merah blk 2 near ABC), I decided to pop in to try and see whether their chicken rice is still as good..

One thing good is that they listen to customers. I heard their customers request like “garingkan ayam” (make the chicken more crispy) and “more chicken” (i think additional cost) or whatever request u need, they will try to do it.

I saw many juicy chickens on the display glass and thought hmm…YUMMY!! Maybe I should request for drumstick area (maybe..) but all I got for 4 chicken rice is 4 thin chicken wing and some dry breast meat. They did not mix all the parts up e.g chicken wing this packet, drumstick this packet.. Or maybe I must also have special request like the others…hmm…The more I taste the more it “sharpen” my tastebuds…

But i was very disappointed maybe my tongue is too “pampered” by all the wonderful HALAL-certified non-muslim chinese stalls that sold chicken rice in singapore which has been “sprouting” all over singapore…possible? Nah, I dont think so..

I was dissapointed with the chicken rice. It wasnt near to anything like they used to which makes me wonder, “is it the same stall?”. The chicken was too crispy so its dry and hard. The chilli sauce is bland and diluted.

Porridge with liver and gizzard. To me, it’s ok..nice but I have a self-acclaimed “porridge expert” with me and said that tastewise is so-so.

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