Abalone in Newton food centre

This is one of my favourite stall in Newton market centre. This is one of the 2 pioneer shop that has HALAL certification in previous Newton food centre.But now, u can find many HALAL bbq seafood stalls. For years I’ve been their loyal customer. To me, this is one of the stalls that sell fresh delicious seafood. And also Ah-san (the one in the pic) always recognise us and greeted us warmly…

Most of their food cost between $8,$10,$12 except vegetables normally cheaper $6 and tiger prawns/cray fish/fresh fish which is about $8 and above per 100grams (1 prawn is about $8, very expensive I must admit but people “belanja”/give treat nevermindlah hehe!, if u go to Carrefour Plaza Singapura, u can buy raw fresh large tiger prawns at $3-$4 per piece or better still go to wet market like geylang/tekka…)

Tigerrrr Prawns..Grrr…

Crispy lemon chicken (we requested that they separate the lemon juice because my son only eat plain fried chicken)


Kangkung belacan

Fried calamari

Fried baby squids

Sambal stingray, I think $10 or $12 not surelah…

Crayfish sambal $4 per 100grams

From the stall 78 same row as Lucky newton stall.
SPECIAL!! This abalone costs about $30 for small and has ONLY miserly 6 thin slices of abalone cooked with abalone mushrooms, kailan and some carrots..I always wanted to know how it taste. Now I know..So next time, I can buy my own abalone and cook myself..

It’s like seafood taste like those pacific clams in cans (normally cost about $7-$11 per can)a bit chewy texture but nicer. Actually abalone is a bit tasteless. How delicious it is depends on the gravy and the way u cook it.. I know abalone cost about $45-$60 per can and it rose higher during festive season like chinese new year.

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