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Zam-zam VS victory

As I eavesdrop the seniors chitchatting, i overheard someone saying that VICTORY mutabak is much, much nicer than ZAM-zam. All my life, I have not even step into let alone steal glances at Victory restaurant because I will be “blindly lead” by the delicious aroma of ZAM2 murtabak…

And so today, I pluck all my courage to venture into “unknown territory”. Armed with some “food warriors” to accompany me, we walked bravely into the “murtabak zone”. Alas, we are still weak and succumbed to our weaknesses and again, we went into ZAM2..instead of victory.

After yummilicious dinner of chicken and mutton murtabak. I brace myself to go next door and ta-pow some mutton murtabak.

Although I was full, and the murtabak is cold, I was tempted to try it . Wondering how it taste. I took a small bite. As my teeth sunk into the soft murtabak congested with soft mutton meat bits and onions, my tongue was delighted at this refreshing shiokly taste. It was much better than ZAM2!! And as I persuaded 2 more of my “food police”, they reluctantly taste them …And sure enough , both of their faces was bright with delightment. It was yummilicious!

Will look forward to a victory murtabak next visit..

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