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Want to try jellyfish?

Tang Tea house revisited
Location: Simpang bedok (last order 3.30am)

Tried the Hong kong noodles $3 (thumb-up icon listed in the menu)consist of seafood items and maggi like noodles (Very tasty! YUMMY!), beef porridge (with nice beef brisket)best eaten with chicken rice chilli sauce POWER- $3.50 and jellyfish salad( sweet sourish jelly like crunchy salad)-$4.

After eating, I slowly browse thru the menu, found some interesting food such as KOREAN stone rice (the stone in the picture look like batu the rice is in some kind of batu lesung , I think like claypot but batu version) then I saw fish head steamboat..YEH! HALAL fish head steamboat…next time perhaps insya-Allah…

Plain porridge with beef brisket (can ask for egg to be included $0.50 extra)

Nice Crunchy jellyfish salad with some peanut bits

hongKong fried noodles

The indian stall in this coffeeshop, we tried the banana prata and fried rice(red).The banana prata- I cannot taste because it’s gone before I get to taste it! hehe! The red fried rice is nice but preferably if there is some meat, or potatoes or vege at least…Overall not bad in taste.

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