Tong Seng coffeeshop (near Bugis Junction)

Tong Seng Coffeeshop located opposite Bugis Junction is HALAL-certified. I think it has been there since a very long, long time, must be good..

Their menus..(click on it to view enlarge pic)

shredded chicken noodle $3

Steamed chicken rice $3 (not bad!)

I’ve ordered prawn noodles $3 (I chose dry because I thought the soup will be separated cause I’m scared that it will be soaked too long and expand..but then no soup given..misunderstood hehehe!)Not bad!The 2 prawns are fresh..

They also have fish head beehoon, fish slices noodles, chicken feet noodles, wantan noodles, chicken rice…and lots more.

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4 thoughts on “Tong Seng coffeeshop (near Bugis Junction)”

  1. Went for dinner with my fiancee.

    Ground floor was crowded so we went upstairs. The 2nd floor was not crowded with plenty of empty tables, so we decided to take our seat at one of the tables that is adjoined with 3 other tables.

    Before we got to sit, we got told by a lady staff that we can't sit there as it's meant for a big group. Looking around there are many empty tables at that time but we did not want to make a fuss and occupied a single table.

    We were having a chat when an elderly male staff, stood next to the table and rudely interrupted our conversation. He asked us what we want to order, so I kindly told him to wait. We continued to chat and then all of a sudden, he told us to stop talking and order our food. That's it! That's just outright fxxking rude! We walked out! No matter if the food there is good, when you get treated like that as customers, don't ever come back. They tell you where to sit, can't talk, just eat, take your money and get lost. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!

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