Thohirah restaurant @ Jalan Kayu

Seriously speaking, I do not know why people LOVE Jalan Kayu pratas..Maybe I chose the wrong food or wrong timing or possibly I was “pampered” by the many choices of PRATAS in my vicinity…

To me, their pratas are ok, can be improved , have tasted better..Have tried all the stalls at Jalan Kayu back in the hey days…but I revisited again because of old friend cravings..and also to test2..whether the taste has up the notch. But still, I cannot see the specialness of going so far to eat prata…heheh! unless my neighbourhood has no mamak stall, then probably, this is one place to “chomp2”..

Maybe people go there because of the cheery noisy kopitiam ambience in late night, maybe its open 24 hours, maybe the pratas is really that good, or maybe…just maybe…everyone has their own preferences..

Anyway this time, I went they sell many kinds of food from western food like chicken chop to indian food like rojak, red tulang, pratas, thosai, briyani, murtabak.. to Nasi lemak, satay and lots more…all under one roof!

This tissue prata is like cracker. Very crunchy. It was coated with condensed milk. No curry given. Just eat like snack.

We ordered prata telur but was given prata kosong. The waiter wanted to change for us but then we waited like 5-10mins and so decided, never mindlah.The curry was ok. Maybe should ask for fish curry. Anyway I like Shafina 24hours (beside serangoon plaza facing Farrer park MRT exit A) fish curry given with their pratas especially in the morning.

Banana prata is nice but I missed the indian coffeeshop beside bustop @ joo chiat 7eleven. I think the name is Yasin, not sure but the old man made us some special banana prata which has raisins, lots of banana slices and honey/syrup (not sure) but it was YUMMY! The prata was soft and caramelised so the filling was good!

The red tulang is a lot for $6, I think about 8-9 pieces. The gravy was thick and bones are fleshy (unlike Beach road ones which I think the standard has dropped) Nice!..Still as good overnight but (the beach road one normally wont last that long) hehe!

I never knew they had many branches even in cluny road? Hm.. To view enlarge pic, just click on the pic…

Total: about $17 plus 2 teh halia, 2 teh tarek, 2 green tea.

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