The eve of Hari Raya..

Normally during Hari Raya eve’s everyone will be busy especially the mothers.. House cleaning and decoration with last minute touch ups, new clothes iron out with matching accessories, money all changed into small denominations as “gifts” to kids, elders and unfortunate ones e.g orphans..Kuehs and lots of sweets plus cakes are all ready to be given out to neighbours, relatives or served for future visitors, and not forgetting the ketupat, rendang and yummilicious hearty MEAL with lots of typical indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean food.

Well what are u having for Raya eve’s dinner?Me not much….hehee!

KETUPAT is a must HAVE in most household…especially on the first day of Hari Raya!

Lepat (glutinous rice + beans wrapped in coconut leaves boiled for hours.)

Fragrant lemang (glutinuous rice wrap in banana leaves, placed in bamboo then bbq in charcoal for hours)$4-5 per bamboo (about arm length )in Geylang serai

Serunding daging (grated meat plus grated coconut plus spices fried for few hours till dry)

Sambal Goreng pengantin (FAVOURITE!!)

Beef Rendang

ayam percik (bbq chicken smeared with coconutty peanutty gravy)

Daging masak merah (Beef in RED tomato gravy)

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