Tekka Market will be relocated in 2008 temporarily

Mussels, cockles…

Prawns and more prawns..

Crabs, crabs….(I was told if u want to catch crabs, catch them during full moon because then they would be fleshy or else not much flesh, same applies to kupang/mussels dunno how true )

Florist corner

Coconut shredder/blender (very seldom u can see this because nowadays people prefer using instant coconut or for health conscious,milk/yogurt is prefered instead.

Ikan bilis and dried products (cuttlefish, keluak, canned/bottled products, belacan..)

Soy products (e.g tahu, tempeh/fermented beancurd), noodles, chinchow..

Colourful assorment of vegetables and also Ulam (herbs) can be found in this market…

Eggs section- prices differ according to type and size of egg.

Fruits sections

Last but not least, the hawker centre..has some great yummilicious Indian food, malay and many chinese food too!

Oh, I’ve forgotten to include one mini NON-HALAL section – pork stalls…

Other than Geylang Serai market, Tekka market is another HOT favourite for muslims in Singapore. They are specialised more in meaty options especially mutton and beef. Also not forgetting the wide array of seafood especially many types/sizes of CRABS can be found there.

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