puasa enam/6 extra fasting days

Just for the non-muslims knowledge….
After a month of fasting, Muslims all over the world will enjoy a day of feasting or some say a month of feasting…but do you know that there are some who will continue fasting?

YES! There are… One of them is fasting for EXTRA 6 days in the month of Syawal (Hari Raya month) from day 2 of Raya till the end of Syawal. They can fast straight 6 days or staggering 6 days or as when they like within that month as long as they complete the 6 days. One of the REWARD is that – It is like fasting for A YEAR! The rewards that one reap while fasting for extra 6 days is same as fasting for a year, now that is a GREAT BONUS, isn’t it?

Second is the “paying back of fasting” aka “qadha puasa”.This mostly applies to the females who has their menstrual cycle and unable to fast during that “particular days”..but also to minority males that cannot fast e.g very sick, travelling and others…

So that is just a FYI …

furthermore, we are so used to fasting that our bodies are so used to it, so why not fast another 6 days and then “RAYA” again?!! And for the females if they can “pay back” their fast now, its much better because as u push it later and later, u tend to forget or worse, it became like a burden and the BIG letter “L” start appearing (L for laziness hehe!)…

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