Pempek @ Warung Pojok

Warung Pojok
03-36 Lucky Plaza
Tel: 6738-3282
Opens: 11am to 10pm daily

Pempek palembang is fried fish cake which is stuff with hard boil egg and eaten with sourish sweetish vinegar soyasauce. There is another healthier one which is “Pempek kapal selam” which has sago added to it, I’ve tasted that in Tg Pinang, Indonesia.

So recently went to Warung Pojok just to taste this speciality kinda reminisces the Tg Pinang experiences..

I soaked the whole pempek into the vinegar sauce instead of just dipping it..hehe!

Must eat on the spot! If cold, not so nice, chewy…Uniquely..indonesian..

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