New Hawa @waterloo street

Update 2009-This restaurant is no longer there.

BLurry image, sorry its dark…

Saw this advertisement in Berita Harian lately. Their menus includes seafood, shark fins..western food…chicken rice…The place is quiet at night , very peaceful.

Its near Saji’s famous indian rojak and mee siam. Its located at blk 261 waterloo street. Very different than typical New Hawa restaurant, air-con and have a nice ambience.

I wanted to order porridge with chicken gizzard and heart…but sold out so I opt for plain chicken porridge instead. I thought if the porridge is good then the rest of the food might be good. heheh!

I brought the porridge home, on the way, I side tracked to OG shopping centre, the “takeout” porridge smell is so strong that I have to rush out 5-10mins after I enter OG…heheh!

As to the taste of the porridge comparable to simpang bedok branch? Hmm…not yet taste, tummy still full…2 b continued later..n

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