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Muar delicacies.. a delightful place to visit. A small town with delicious yummy food and lots of friendly locals. The place is above Batu Pahat and before Melaka (45mins). If u take train/bus/car, probably will take about 3-4 hours.

One of the famous food is Mee Bandung @ Jln Abdullah. This famous mee bandung has been in business since 40 years ago.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 40 years, first helping my father in his stall in front of the Rex cinema way back then before moving to Jalan Abdullah in 1961,” he says.His father, who migrated from India, learned how to make mee bandung from a Javanese man, a Muar native.

A couple of steps down the one-way street of Jalan Abdullah, you can turn right to Jalan Sulaiman. Here, you can have satay for breakfast from as early as 7.30am.”…Read full story here

So after reading the above article, what did I do? With my empty tummy (hopeful not pocket) and powerful smelling nose armed with my digicam and comfy sneakers, off I went searching…

This Mee bandung is unlike any that I’ve ever tasted. Its like Mee rebus with lots of udang geragau (mini prawns normally used in mee rebus). I felt like I’m eating mee rebus…only sweeter and nicer and has some super mini bits of peanuts and not forgetting it is full of sotong (sotong basah), geragau prawns, egg, mini chewy meat…all in one! Trylah…

when I first see this, I thought the chicken was overcooked/over fried…but it wasnt..Nice nasi goreng ayam. (fried chicken rice). But they dont have chicken rice.

These satays are not bad (from the same coffeeshop)Sweet and I think it’s minced meat.The sauce is somewhat like kajang, only difference is that it does not have the chili api black sauce with it.

Mee kway teow goreng basah is nice! Very flavourful with mini cuts of chewy meat and many seafood.

I was told that this stall sells satay as early as 7.30am from the above article. I was late. I reached this town about 11am. But I try my luck anyway..

The stay perut/babat aka stomach/intestines is long GONE! Also the satay paru..This stall started as early as 7.30 am and it was sold out within few hours!!Very difficult to find, got to ask the mee bandung stall for directions (just look out for apam stall and u will see the perut satay stall, 50m away in another street from mee bandung stall)

What is left is chicken satay but since I had it at mee bandung stall, I just cannot order more…was searching for perut satay…tsk!tsk!

After disappointed at finding out that the famous SATAY is sold out, we took 2 steps away to this small back alley stall. Beside this small stall, there is another APAM stall, a bit bigger but my eyes always favour those with many local customers..

This is red bean similar to those sold in soya bean franchise. But it’s not just flour, something different and heavy. Quite yummy! MYR$0.20 per piece.

Apam balik Muar/Ming chiang Kue is soft, sweet buttery with lots of peanuts. this man is actually training his 2 young sons in doing this business. He even asked us to comment about his kueh and will try to improve…quite a good working attitude.

In the hot scorching weather, what better way to quench your thirst with…

Thirst quenching cendol (can ask for red kidney beans aka kacang), I think about MYR$1. YUMMY! Also have cendol pulut(with glutinuous rice) and ABC MYR$1.70 (ice kacang)

Light crispy sardine+potato curry puff only MYR$0.30 each from same stall.

One thing I missed is their famous ASAM PEDAS..The Satay stall (sold out one) recommend MAK LONG stall near bus terminal. But in the heat, I give up easily …insya-Allah one day..

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1 thought on “Muar delicacies..”

  1. When people talk about the best Muar Mee Bandung, that is the stall inside the chinese kopi-tiam along Jalan Abdullah.

    Back in the 70s, I used to makan there and then followed my mum to shop at Muar Bazaar, which was two doors away.

    And directly opposite this Chinese kopi-tiam,is Lim Leng Cafe. We used to lepak there slurping ice-kacang, munching cream pies and listening to the jukebox.

    Ahh….those good old days.

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