LK Maju 24 hours (revisited)

LK Maju 24 hours thai coffeeshop(desker road)

Menus..(I capture only 2 page of the whole booklet)

Fragrant teh tarek (tea that is “pulled”)…

Nasi briyani is nice!

Roti bom-sweet roti prata with condensed milk (i think) nothing special inside…but crispy!
Mee goreng daging (fried noodles with mutton meat). Requested the noodles to be MEATY..GRR..and so they add mutton meat to it! Very thailandy kind of fried noodles, different from typical indian mee goreng. YUMMY!

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, I saw a chinese man eating red tulang all by himself, seems to be enjoying himself. And I tell myself,I’ll be back…. and sure enough, I was BACK because the bones are “Calling out to me” (heheh!)

This red tulang is different that the ones in Golden mile/beach road area.It’s more spicy and its thick too and the bread is so soft, complement the gravy further!$6 for 6 piece bones

As soon as the plate of red bones were places, within seconds…

The man that served us was very friendly….and helpful too!

tip: Best eaten at home especially for people like me who is self-conscious to eat barbaricly viciously at the bones/plus the red gravy that will smear ur mouth like “lipstick” hehe!

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