Juzz Penang

Update 2010-This eatery is no longer there.

Juzz Penang (by Banquet)
Location: Hougang point (beside McDonalds)

This tiny stall sells penang hawker fares such as Penang Laksa (asam sourish laksa), hokkien mee (very spicy with chicken and fresh prawns) and lobak set (fried ngoh hiang, tahu, crispy beancurd skin, fish ball plus dipping sauce)

Actually this place FORBIDS any photo taking (dunno why?!!) but I “risked” my life to take the shots anyway just for u…hehhe!

I like this sourish laksa. Have tasted yummilicious thicker gravy @ KLCC (little penang) with lots of sardines. But this one is lighter and less sardine meat plus pineapples chunks.Not much “things” inside. I like the sourishness kinda remove the “muak” feeling especially if u eat lots of rendang, ketupat and raya food…heheh!

Hokkien mee is very spicy indeed. Cannot really taste the flavour because the fieriness is killing my tongue…but I like the freshness of the prawns.

This is called “lobak set”. I do not know why it is called that beause “Lobak” in malay means “carrots” and I do not see any carrots at all…maybe that is its name in Penang..

This is the dipping sauce for “lobak set” and it is sourish sweet plus some peanuts bits similar to rojak.

I do not know what this is. It came with the lobak set of $3.80. Tried dipping it but this taste like some kind of soup. Mild taste similar to shark fins soup.

Overall-it’s a good food eating experience. Only that the aircon space for customers is minutely small. The outside is bigger but its hot especailly if u sink ur teeth in hokkien mee. And they sell ice kacang (i saw the poster) and I wanted to try buah pala juice(as shown in poster) but they dont have it. If u miss Penang food, this will help..somehow..

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