Hawa restaurant re-visited (queen st/waterloo)

One night, I was so famished after my round outs of Raya outings and visitings. And had this craving for porridge, chicken rice kinda food.. Without thinking further, my mind just highlighted this particular Hawa restaurant. Previously I only ta-pow their porridge but it taste yummily good that makes me want to come back for more..

And so we reached there about 9++pm maybe 9.30pm, I think…the area as usual was isolated and when we got there, the restaurant look cleaned up like it is closed. I think they are about to leave the premises.

But instead of hushing us or telling us that they are about to close, the man (maybe boss/superior looking man)actually took our order and ask eat here or takeout? Hmm, I was really famished..and so I said eat here..without rushing us or whatever, he actually ask us to sit and wait for the food to be served.

I really think they have cleaned and keep everything because the food did not come like superfast (sometimes when shop want to close, they hurriedly serve u whatever they got, like the leftovers but not this place) but relaxed manner and the food was GOOD! I think this must be one of the best chicken rice for me! We ordered 1 roasted chicken, 1 steamed chicken rice and 1 porridge plus 2 mango juice =$15. Ok not as cheap as other $2 chicken rice but the food is good and as I state previously this place is air-con.

I love the juicy tender steamed chicken. Love it! The roasted chicken is nice too. They have a certain gravy poured over it and its not overwhelming like some who put oyster sauce…this is more homemadely..the soup is nice too and the porridge (very large bowl and lots of chicken meat chunks!) I like…but if got gizzards/hati ayam, everyday I walk to this place for the porridge heheh!

i really take my hats off to them for allowing us to eat in a relaxed manner and very good service plus good food…even though they are closing. I like their attitude. Hope their restaurant will flourish…Keep up the good attititude!

To view this restaurant pics on my first visit, click here!!

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