Hari raya in Kampungs

One of the best places to raya is at Malaysia especially the kampungs. Not only some of the best Raya food can be found there, there are also the beautiful scenery, fresh air, the delicious homemade cookies and kuehs, the warmth of kampung people and the bond that binds us all tighter and tighter with every visits we make.

Normally in Hari Raya, people will travel to seek out their many relatives that they have not seen/met. If in Singapore, distance is no problem but if in Malaysia especially the suburbs…distance is a major problem thus every year, during Raya season, most people will travel extensively to seek forgiveness and meet their long-distance relatives and exchange news. Though in this new technology, emails, video conferencing are popular but they can never replace the actual visitings of relatives.

Alhamdulillah this time, I have the opportunity to join them…and BOY! Did i see some old fashioned yummy cookies and kueh (some cannot be found in SIngapore anymore cause most of the kuehs are modernised already hehe!), so shioklah…POWER!

Crispy mini fried shrimpy spring rolls

Classic kueh bangkit that just “melts” in your mouth

Fresh sweet corn pudding

Classic Kueh Rose

Yummy Haw kueh lapis (done by a bujang male bachelor in early twenties. Any gal interested?)So fast left one piece…

Crunchy tapioca crackers in strips.

Chocolatey Cornflakes

Classic Kueh siput (snails) I think the shape contributes to the name.

Fried crunchy garing Peanuts

Is this kueh telinga? Classic Ear cracker..

Fried Green peas/ Kacang hijau

Sweet cooling dessert similar to jelly cocktail

Eh, finish already?!!heheh…

Some pinkish dragon fruit. (a word of caution: This fruit is not so good for high consumption especially those with diabetes. Though it is not sweet, at times, very tasteless, it contains high level of sugar..*told by nutritionist friend)

Now for some cat nap…

Do u believe there are 30 cats in here? I dont think there is space for me..

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2 thoughts on “Hari raya in Kampungs”

  1. So many cats! i would love to go there and play wif the cats!! the last time i went back to a kampung, there were alot of ducks only. haha.. and also, ever since i came across ur blog, i tend to check ur blog for the eating places i havent been to, each time i'm going out for dinners/lunches. This is a superb blog for halal food searches!! by the way, apparently there is a halal cafe selling jamaican food around lavender area. maybe u shld check it out..

  2. Hey Thanks LYDIA! Yeah the jamaican cafe, I've listed under- "heard but not tasted yet". Been wanting to go there when it first started but there is always something crop up last minute whenever I want to try the food there…hmm…anyway if u had tasted the food, feel free to recommend what food is nice there…Thks and keep on visiting this site!

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