Hari raya in Kampungs 2

After a tummy full of kuehs and cookies and nuts and dessert, I went for a walk..in the garden. Normally the villagers love to plant their own herbs and plants for cooking purposes (e.g lemon grass, curry leaves, pandan leaves, galangal, vegetables..). And the fruit of your labour normally taste much, much better than the ones in the supermarket.

Kacang botol plant

AS I went around investigating the plants and trees in the kampung (like suaku),as usual I got hungry…hehe!

Sorry blurish ….and i captured only few dishes, the rest all in my tummy!

Other than ulam raja, there is one unique ulam (herbs)named as Kangkung Selom aka “oenanthe javanica”/Rainbow Water Celery; “Flamingo” Silom, or Seri;
aka, Java Dropwort (similar to kangkung but like minty flaour. YUMMY! I’ve turn into a goat overnight). Best eaten raw with sambal belacan.
Shiokest kampung sambal tumis ikan bilis (anchovies in chilli)

The PROWESS beef rendang…one is never enough..

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