Geylang Bazaar / Market 2

Geylang Serai WET market…I love this place! So many cheap bargains!! No need to bargain , cheap already..missed the old market environment but when I think about the large rats (as big as cats) running around.. I think this place is much better..hehe!

Don’t tempt me, Mr Fishy cheap and good!

Geylang has got to be the cheapest place I can find fresh seafood especially fishes and prawns. Where else can u get half kilo of grey prawns for $3 (medium size) and large prawns at $20 or less per kilo? (even Tekka market loses out when it comes to fishes..but Tekka’s speciality which is cow’s tetel (tendon/chewy meat) is different from Geylang tetel (which is spareparts of tongue, cheeks..)

Cheap, fresh leafy vegetables..and ulam2 (malay salad for medicinal purpose/health benefits)

Colourful ketupat decorations in the market

Makcik bunga (if u need concoction of flowers and rose water) very fragrant.. (Often people buy for cemetery,, for moms who just deliver babies or the traditional mandi bunga (flower bath))

Belacan is a- MUST have in malay cooking and household..many kinds can be found here from Malaysia and others..

All kinds of bananas can be found here. Especially for those yummy fried banana fritters..

Real ketupat leaves to “anyam” (there are many kinds of ketupat-ketupat bawang, satay and there are many ways to “tie/make” them, u can even do it on one single leaf!)

Kuehs at the Geylang serai temporary wet market

Dont forget to donate from the heart….

Bazaars in front of joo chiat (mostly carpets/clothings/kuehs..)

Singkong crackers (tapioca) and cheese sticks (mild spicy but kids love it!)3 for $10 (small)

the many JAMU’s shops in Joo chiat (Indonesian youthful secret lies here..)

One of the Chinese Halal coffeshop behind Joo Chiat that sells variety of food inlcuding seafood, chicken rice, nasi padang, mee bakso, malay rojak, kuehs, western food and lots more ..

p.s; to those whose faces I snap in “candid”..hope u dont mind…

fyi-These shots are taken in the morning . So not much food stalls are open. At night much livelier and congestion of human traffic everywhere but its MERIAH!

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