Garuda Padang cuisine revisited…

Normally I won’t revisit a food outlet/restaurant within less than a week but due to severe persistence from a fellow friend, I eventually succumbed to it..(since she is having sleepless and drooling nights over it)

This time is Cairnhill branch (Al-Falah Mosque vicinity). This branch is much bigger than in vivocity.

15 Cairnhill Road, #02-01,
Cairnhill Place Singapore 229650
Tel: 67354111 *Fax: 67354222

Counter with full array of wonderful indonesian dishes

Complimentary dates to break fast

Mild sambal belacan

Gulai kikil (tendon curry) is yummiliciously good here!

ayam goreng bumbu (fried kampung chicken in herbal floss)

cockles and sambal stinky beans (petai)

sambal terong/eggplant sambal

Beef rendang

yummilicious chicken in green chillies.

The bill is for 3-4 persons.

But my tastebuds sense a difference in the “gulai kikil” (tendon curry) and the “rendang” (beef rendang). The kikil in this branch is much much nicer . The gravy is not bland and is flavourful. The rendang is otherwise. I prefer the ones at Vivo city. The kampung chicken in herbal floss is better in Vivo too, here a bit tough. But the chicken in green chillies is yummilicious! Cockles and sambal stinky beans (petai not that strong) is nice too!

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