Fujifilm digital camera @ $199 only! HURRY!

Went to my favourite shopping centre (again?!!) And went shopping for a friend’s digicam and GUESS what? This Fujifilm is having a promotion! WHILE STOCK LAST!!

1)8.3mega pixels & 4X optical zoom for only $199 (without freebies)

2)same camera plus 5 free gifts- rechargeabale 4 AA batteries plus charger , small tripod, fuji soft casing, transparent plastic film protect ur screen and 1GB memory card @ only $230 (i think this is much better)

The 5 freebies (only the memory card is not shown in pic)

My eyes are green with ENVY plus RED fiery with great DESIRE wanting to buy another digicam (hehe!)So, come to Mustafa, …just be prepared of overcrowdedness. Best go in the morning at 7am or earlier (“ghost” town) especially on Monday morning blues…

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