Freshly made yogurt@ downtown east

The yogurt place
Downtown east
1 Pasir Ris close
opp. Pizza hut

Ang Mo Kio
AMK hub
53 ang mo kio ave 3

MENU (click on image to enlarge)

Often, I wanted to eat at Downtown east steamboat, it will closed. I dunno why, I went on thursday, monday…(mesti ader hikmahnyer/blessing in disguise) And so I “wallop”

the food nearby. Recently, I saw a yogurt stand. seems yummy! I check the ingredients (whole milk, skim milk,milk solids,sugar and live cultures) and it seems that they have no extra ingredients, all natural…and no gelatin, thickeners, gum blends or preservatives whatsoever, very vegetarian…if was2, u can email them:

Mango ice-blended yogurt (creamyyummy!)

raspberry yogurt (real fruits included)

YUMMY! Very different from those u buy premade prepacked in the supermarket counters.U can check out their website

They can also cater.

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