Freshly handmade noodles @Ah mei cafe (revisited)

REvisited again on 23/10/07…(UPDATED!!)

Hometown Lamian Stall 2
IOI Plaza
Middle road

Updated!! 23/10/07, i’ve tried the braised beef noodles. Love the broth so much that I just slurped the broth directly from the big bowl, no need spoon. hehe!The noodles are as usual YUMMY! Everything is GREAT except that if the beef is as soft as THAKSIN noodle, then it will be a gREAT HIT! But if u ever miss ur mother’s homemade slow boiled beef soup, this is the closest one can get (my opinion)..

Often I saw many ordered their western food(the other stall) and this time I tried. (fyi-the western food close 8pm) Anyway, the service wasnt that good. It seems that the staff cannot help one another like they were stationed in their own private corner. Since the western food is busy it seems that there is only one staff manning the counter. The drinks side wasnt that busy but at least can call up the western staff or help out. To order, we need to wait 5mins then after placed order, need to wait another 15mins. The food looks yummy, not bad but it will add more flavours if it was served with a smile.

Are singaporeans service staff have difficulty smiling? Smiles dont need any money, rite? But why is it so difficult to do? Even how tired they are, smile is A MUST.. And the next important thing, customer service, plus great smile adds more businesses irregardless how isolated your location is, your customers will keep coming back for more…even though how popular one food is, bad customer service will push customers (like me) away…

I like the crunchy fried french fries. The chicken chop is ok but there is “hamis” (chickeny) smell even though there is sauce over it, it cannot camouflage the smell. There is complimentary mushroom soup and garlic bread slice plus mini salad (okeylah).The seafood basket looks yummy but okeylah in taste. Only love the fries.

My “tourist angmoh” friend give the western food only 2 out of 5 stars .

But for cleanliness : FAILED!

He actually stormed out of the toilet in AH-MEI cafe after eating to wash hands and was petrified to see how dirty the toilet was.

Anyway, if I ever come back here again, it will be for the noodles stall…not for the western food though…and by all means, I will try to avoid the toilet..

previous visit…

The chicken rice was not bad. This place was almost packed during dinner time today (mixed race of muslims and non-muslim). Also I heard their western food seems
popular too!
I wanted to record a video of the chef’s demonstration of noodle making, but my batteries went flat..Looks easy but I think if I do, it will end up on my head, face everything.. instead..

Herbal brothy soup with boxthorn..nice..

I saw the menu and wanted to choose braised beef noodles but since I’ve had similar at tang @simpang bedok, I chose a weird name noodles “Dan dan”. It was YUMMY!Mild spicy and dry (soup are separated). The chefs dont look local..

Not only the chef do some demonstration of making the noodles, each and every set of noodles are done freshly on the spot when ordered. YUMMY! U gotta to try it. The last time I was here, I tried the soupy buns, whereby the buns consist of soups and some meat. SHIOK! And also the chicken buns. All freshly made. Can taste it…

Refer to my first visit HERE!! (pics of soupy steam buns)

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