ever wanted to try CRAB bee hoon?

Often, I saw some Chinese friends indulged themselves in Crab bee hoon and wonder “Is that nice?” Now I do not have to wait any longer, a fellow forumer has gone to try it! This place was even featured in New Paper 25sept for its Thai Green curry crabs..

So check it out! Click Here..

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3 thoughts on “ever wanted to try CRAB bee hoon?”

  1. I always wanted to eat the crab bee hoon.. seeing those chinese ate them makes my saliva drooling.. hehehe.. now i know where to go.. thanks for sharing eh…

  2. I just bought the crab bee hoon yesterday for takeaway.
    However, I see a price increase…maybe of inflation??? now it costs $6!!

  3. I was delighted when i saw a blogpost on the coffeeshops at Woodlands Ctr Road.

    It's ABOUT time someone give them some spotlight. There's another coffeeshop just behind the one you went and the food is just as good.

    Btw, the kueh2 at the shop you featured in the post POWER2 to the max. Buy it when it's hot and when you take a bite out of that hot potato epok2, alamak … macam BEST gitu.

    I must say, for curry puff lovers, ought to give that kueh shop a try. The last time i went there … the potato epok2 and goreng pisang were irresistible! The sardine one .. so-so i guess .. but if add alittle bit more chilli, den shiok. 😀

    It's 60 for a BIG PIECE, fyi. 😀

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