Duck curry/briyani? thursday only..

I often saw this signboard when I drink the best teh tarek sarbat opposite this ZAM2 stall in tekka market. Every day there is a different briyani. I saw the DUCK briyani but thought it was just “a show” no such thing. Then one day curiousity gets the better of me and I asked, it’s TRUE!!! Thursday only…

And so 2 days before Raya, I went down . I was there about 2pm.. I though fasting month, there wont be much customers…but I was WRONG! The duck is GONE in the morning due to ovewhelming customers. I guess this is one of HIDDEN secrets of Little India….heheh!!

So book ur tuesdays (Khan duck curry) and Thursdays (zam2 duck briyani) but HURRY while stocks last!!
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