duck curry @ zam2 (part2)

Early morning, I was circling the Zam2 stall at Tekka market like a vulture. But sadly the duck curry is not ready yet. The man promised 11am. And so went again around that time. Have to wait about 5mins. Then bought 3 duck curry (quarter portion each) for $15 total (without rice) YIPEE!! But then I think going to finish soon because the pot looks small. I think probably I buy a third of it, perhaps?

The thigh section

AS I scrutinised this curry and compared to Khan duck curry, this curry is more reddish, Khan curry is dark brown thick gravy. The gravy has more sourish smell than Khan curry. Hmm…taste wise, u have to wait till I savour them with my family members in the evening.Best eaten with the senior “duck experts” who enjoyed the duck curries as much as I do..To be continued..

VERDICT!!! (updated!)
I can smell the “ducky taste” /”hanyir” in my tongue. This version is more malay kind of curry sambal. Khan curry is more brownish thick indian curry. The duck meat is tender and u can taste the fragrant of the spices. Both also I like! Ultimately “seniors” and me prefer the Khan’s curry though…u gotta try it to believe it!

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