Deepavali Bazaar (opp serangoon plaza)

This year the bazaar contains less stalls than last year but at least there is “mini” amusement for the kids which consist of mini viking ship and cars/helicopter rides and bumper cars for both kids and adults. Best to take these rides during night.

The large white tent for the bazaar seems empty and hot! Bring along your mini fans especially for babies and kids!I went around 12.50pm and not many people around and not many stalls are open. So if there are crowds especially on sunday, I wonder what will be the outcome, i think my perspiration will form a pool on the floor…hhehe!
Deepavali greeting cards. Sometimes I just love to browse thru because they have those Hindi and tamil superstars photos in some cards…

Indian sarees, punjabi suits, anyone?


Deepavali assortments

This year deepavali lighting is nice. There is a spiral movement in the middle of the lightings. If u ever were driving and u happen to stop , dont look at the spiral, might make u giddy…heehe!But if u take the bus, best to look at the spiral, very unique. The little india lighting is much better than the Raya lightings for the past 2 years, in my opinions…

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