Cempedak and durian shake…

Read Singapore Halal Food forum website was enchanted by this “Cempedak shake”, very unique, never heard before…

Read it yourself… click here

While u are there, register yourself and join in the forum…dont be shy, come share2 your food experience…come join the “coffeeshop” talk…hehe! Looking forward to see a lot of people ….and their favourite makan haunts!!!

UPDATED: 10/10/07

till 10.30pm
Mango shake can taste the real mango pulp and the durian is real flesh too! SHIOKLAH…Must come back..

Went to brickworks food centre and try their durian and MANGO shake! there are $2 and $3 but the $2 is enough for me!YUMMYY!! Thumb and toes up! (thks SHF for recommending!)

When I saw the word, shake, I thought there is milk involve or there will be some dilution but not this ONE, this is blended fresh fruit flesh and pulp and then ice is added (not blended). U got to try it to believe it!YUMMiliciously GOOD!

Actually the recommended one Cempedak shake is no longer available. Also now the owner operate 5 day week , weekends not included. Too tired, she said. And boy, was the shop busy, busy, busy..the most I see is the longan $1 (yeah also cheap and good!)


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