Casa Bom vento (seah st)

Update 2009: The restaurant is no longer there.

UPDATED!!! december 2007 -a BLOG VISITOR has reported that the phone number is no longer in used cos she wanted to call their catering. i tried many times too and even email them >> no reply. Anyone know whether they are still there???

Casa Bom Vento (near Raffles hotel) serves Eurasian and Straits Chinese cuisine.

Devils’ curry consist of hotdog, chicken, potato, pineapples..(This curry is sourish not so spicy, different than chinese or indian curry I anticipate DEVIL should be FIERY hot curry..hehe but its not..) $10.50 for small serving.

Ayam buah keluak (undescribable (dunno how to describe the feeling of eating this)- sourish thick black fragrant keluak chicken)
$10.50 for small servings of 3 pieces of chicken(2-3 person)

Overall food experience- a different unique kind of taste, will look forward to taste their famous Sting ray…insya-Allah next time!

another blogger’s experience plus pics!

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