Best SOURSOP drink ever!

The last time I watch Makan places lost and found hosted by Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chia, I remembered drooling at the soursop drink. I seldom order soursop fearing that its too SOUR for me…

So I decided to be adventurous a bit…Went to Old airport Road hawker centre which is being relocated to a temporary place while the new one is being built. It was so PACKED! Lots of chinese family enjoying their dinner. I know this place has lots of yummilicious non-HALAL food. just check out and search old airport hawker centre.

But have no fear, there are a few HALAL food stall, one of them is LEE WEE brothers otah and nasi lemak I think I caught a glimpse of indian rojak (closing) and the genie soon kueh…and selegie soya bean and lots of dessert stall and anti-oxidant healthy fruit juice stalls..

But anyway, this fasting month, the first thing that is on my mind when break fast is DRINKS (other than dates), cooling drinks…So went to this place and search for…

“MEILOCK soursop juice and more” stall

This has got to be one of the sweetest soursop flesh with a tinge of lime juice. The recommedations are ice soursop blended $2.50 and normal soursop limey juice $2 (When u order ta-pow/takeout, they will tie double and packed tightly so that it wont leak..)

Too bad when I ordered , no more blended one so I chose the typical one and it was so refreshing, sweet (natural sweetness not sugary) and I actually enjoyed chewing on the non-sourish soursop..(hehe contradicting isnt it?!) Very refreshingly shiok….now I’m a fan of this soursop drink.

fyi-The owner did not add any sugar, only that they chose premium soursop fruits for their refreshing juice. Read a fellow blogger’s professional reviews!

While u are there, dont forget to taste this soft tauhuey /beancurd dessert and soya bean drink …

.. and not forgetting the “crunchy” longan drink…yum yum! (Thks for the recommendations!)

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