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BBQ Fish @ Umbai Pernu, Malacca

This covered hawker centre full of seafood stalls is famous for its BBQ seafood. AS usual, upon reaching there, we follow the local crowds. The stall that is congested with people, will be chosen. And so we poke our noses in..

This stall is the furthest and nearest facing to the sea. The view is breathless. Upon reaching there, it was low tide, then nearing night, it turned to high tide. Also u can watch the villagers on powered motorboats out to sea. There is mini light house too.
TO see enlarge view of menu, click on the image. U can have the seafood cooked in various ways: bbq plain, bbq sambal/chlli, steam, black pepper, fried in tumeric, fried in spices…

Fragrant plain mini kampung nasi lemak. BEST eaten with seafood! No need to order plain rice.

Dipping sauces: sourish green chilli like chinchalok and cili api soya sauce (kicap cili padi) plus lime.

I love this kangkong belacan. There is a husky aroma of charcoal within.

Bamboo clams in ginger. Nice, gingerly gravy.

Sambal prawns. 1kg prawns about MYR$30+, medium sized, fresh and sweet.

Fried cuttlefish rings

Freshwater sea bass- LOVE IT! The freshness of the fish can be tasted. Very YUMMY!

Malacca otah2-very spicy sweet otah2 similar to singapore otah (u cannot feel the spicyness when u bite but later after 10secs, ur mouth will be FIERY!)

BBQ Cockles MYR$6 per plate

Fruit platter

VERDICT: See the empty plates below..

Too full to comment.. hehehe..MYR$102.40 for 5-6 people.

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