BBQ chicken wings and tahu kicap

So good, u can even eat it on its own, have not tried the chilli sauce..

Singapore Halal Food Forum’s senior/ one of the pioneers has actually give me these yummilicious tips..

Now the newly East Coast Lagoon Food Village (east cost beach near cable ski) which formerly was called East Coast Lagoon food centre has some SHIOKly sedaplicious BBQ chicken and tahu kicap (fried beancurd dip in thick goeeylicious soyasauce like indonesian tahu telor)

The stalls number is stall no 58 sells one of the best bbq chicken I ever had in singapore (must eat on the spot!)

Stall number 60 has some hot piping freshly fried beancurd fritters!!(must eat on the spot too!)$3 for 5-6 large pieces.

When I first saw it in the SHF halal forum, i cannot visualise till I caught a glimpse of it recently in the updated website (now under maintenance due to hacking. Let’s doa for it’s recovery..) and it looks yummy! And so i try…and no regrets…

p.s: eh, eh there are some futsal “field” with goal posts at east coast near mcdonalds…

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