unsatisfactory tastebuds in Tekka

This is my second time I’ve done this and receive same kind of results. If I go to tekka market food centre after lunch hours onwards, and proceed to middle row of stalls,often, i wont be satisfied with the food.

Recently, I went again thinking that my first bad experience could be just my “lucky day”. But again I was left feeling full but not satisfied. Satisfied in terms of taste. Does the moving of tekka market to temporary market next year be the reason? Or it’s just my different taste.

Anyway, I chose the middle row of stalls where the favourite teh halia (Maya Mohan) is my favourite! Dunno what to eat…some malay stalls are closed either still Hari Raya or their business is good.

This mee kuah gravy has some bitterness of noodles. I love thick mee kuah gravy with lots of mutton and runny egg yolk but dunno where to find one shiok one in tekka…

Tried the chicken rice , was shocked that it cost $3.50 (expensive and the food is okeylah, better walk a bit to Hawa/selera @mackenzie rd), mee soto also has drop the standard (the stall beside) and the mee kuah and fried mee goreng is not bad but my friends told me that its not up to standard. Hmm..

Even the alaudin briyani is kinda disappointing that day. Often I will order favourite fried chicken briyani but dunno why that day I order mutton briyani(kinda bony with little meat) but the dalca curry and rice is not bad.

Another friend chose zam2 mutton kurma but was served with briyani mutton instead. Maybe communication error ..or could it be kurma mutton? It looks kinda like curry mutton and the meat was TOUGH. Those with dentures/braces, please dont try…kinda disappointing.

Wanted nasi padang but closed already maybe business was good thus finish. Have not been visiting often ever since my favourite lontong POWER (HJ Johan) has been replaced…

The standard has dropped….or Im just another fussy pot furthermore not much choices..hehe!

anyway, if u have any favourite stalls in Tekka market, feel free to inform me the stall name/no and the yummilicous food served e.g best mee goreng in tekka market, mee kuah, beef steak or whatever.. Possibly I was caught in the “sombre mood” that day…just my luck or I should have just stick to my favourite outer row of stalls instead of the middle row.

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