another good nasi padang near mustafa

Location: hi-5 coffeeshop @ kitchener road (beside Komalas fast food)
Previous posts, I often commented on Ahmad Khan tandoori chicken ..Well this nasi padang (beside Ahmad khan)also has great food! Their best seller is Mee Siam (a bit sourish). Often finish fast. But I like the roti john, malay chicken rice, nasi padang…(asam pedas with large meaty fish, ayam kicap(soya sauce chicken). The prices are normal hawker fares prices. Not expensive. Opens till night (8am-8pm perhaps) but while stock last! (their food runs out fast)Also the makcik is very friendly…

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fyi-there is another good nasi padang kampung style facing jalan berseh food centre (near lt india/jln besar area too)Normally opens 12 pm till 9pm. Previously I was disappointed that they closed but recently they reopen but smaller stall (previously the whole coffeeshop was theirs, now I saw the headboard different owners maybe chinese takover).Previously they have some delicious nasi padang dishes and ikan bbq (bakar) and shiok sambal belacan but the new stall, I have not visited yet maybe/not there is a change of menu..will research further…

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