Alfresco@ downtown east

When I was going thru my pics, I realised I’ve forgotten to upload this yummilicious BBQ sting ray and BBQ chicken pics. This is one of the many “failed” trips to Downtown east steamboat…(it’s closed when I got there, they only serve drinks at that moment)But the funny thing is when its opened during weekends, i dont have the mood to eat steamboat..heheh!

Dissapointed, my nose perk me up by immediately detecting a delicious bbq aroma in the air, I decided to try my luck at the nearest BBQ sting ray stall and BBQ chicken wings. It was yummy! And not forgetting the gado2.

I like the sweet sambal!Sedap!

This is not the stall but for illustration purposes only.

Juicy bbq chicken wings!(stall number 3 or 2, i think same as gado2)

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