Alfiah restaurant (durian prata) -lost and FOUND!


In my teens, I love to frequent this place, previously At Bedok interchange. Their servings are huge and always, always there will be lots of meaty chicken and currently they still give generous servings of chicken!I’ve beens searching for it and FOUND it!

I like the malay fruity rojak, they have generous helpings of Guava ,green apples, kangkong and lots of peanuts! yum!

Then as usual, this bionic eye will “scan” for exquisite food, and there it IS! Durian prata… $2 (love it!)

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2 thoughts on “Alfiah restaurant (durian prata) -lost and FOUND!”

  1. crazy bout durians myself, can't wait to to try it.U make me smile reading ur blog, i think i'd be doin this too if i were living there. Don't stop ok. Slamat hari raya.

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