Month: October 2007

Tekka Market will be relocated in 2008 temporarily

Mussels, cockles…Prawns and more prawns..Crabs, crabs….(I was told if u want to catch crabs, catch them during full moon because then they would be fleshy or else not much flesh, same applies to kupang/mussels dunno how true )Florist cornerCoconut shredder/blender (very seldom u can see this because nowadays people prefer using instant coconut or for …

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Want to try jellyfish?

Tang Tea house revisitedLocation: Simpang bedok (last order 3.30am) Tried the Hong kong noodles $3 (thumb-up icon listed in the menu)consist of seafood items and maggi like noodles (Very tasty! YUMMY!), beef porridge (with nice beef brisket)best eaten with chicken rice chilli sauce POWER- $3.50 and jellyfish salad( sweet sourish jelly like crunchy salad)-$4. After …

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