Yummy potato curry puff @Lau pa sat

POWER PUFF nasi padang @ Lau Pa sat
(beside the toilet /in front of prima deli)

I was waiting for someone to come out of the toilet. While waiting, I saw a queue slowly forming at this nasi padang stall. The customers are mostly non-malay..My curiousity definitely is “killing” me..so I move closer and watch them at the corner of my eye.

The queue doesn’t seems to be moving.Then i realised they were waiting for something. And 5-10mins later, I saw a batch of hot piping curry puffs just came out of the fryer. And most customers bought a big bag.Still waiting for my friend from the toilet, I decided to kepo2 and buy also. YUMMY! Like typical makcik’s curry puff but very YUMMY! Eat while hot. I like their potato curry puff.Love the mild curry taste. Has egg inside. Sardine is not bad too. Best eaten while its HOT! No pics, sorry too shiok eating that forgotten to take photos.

Recently, i came again (before fasting month)..it was SOLD OUT!

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